POWER RANGERS Somehow Got Elizabeth Banks To Play Its Villain

Let’s just pretend it has a really awesome script or something.

Elizabeth Banks is incredible. Smart, funny, and talented, she could probably get away with doing whatever she wants. And for some reason, she wants to be in the Power Rangers reboot, which will be directed by Project Almanac’s Dean Israelite.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Banks is all signed up to play the film’s villain. Banks isn’t just playing any villain, either. They’re going full-on Rita Repulsa with it.

I will confess to enjoying early Power Rangers stuff when I was about fourteen and it played on TV at like 6am. It may have been one of the very first things I liked ironically, way before realizing that meant I probably just liked it, period. There was a funny, goofy quality that came with the show’s repurposed footage that appealed to me for some reason.

It all went downhill when Rita Repulsa’s reign as main antagonist came to an end. Banks is great, but I doubt her scenery chewing will be quite as screamy and bizarre.

Nevertheless, I wish Banks luck and hope she comes out the other side unscathed.