LA: Head To The Cinefamily For A FREE Night Of Outsider Art With Laz Rojas!

Laz Rojas will be in attendance!

On Monday, February 8, The Cinefamily will host outsider artist and one-man showcase legend Laz Rojas for an evening of FREE entertainment! The screening is part of The Cinefamily's outsider legend series, and will include a set by DJ Adam Papagan playing outsider music. Here's a little more about the screening and series: 

Beyond mainstream, indie, and the underground, there lies “outsider cinema”, the backyard domain of some of the world’s most creative, crafty, and truly cracked filmmakers ever to have cranked a camera (or to have hit the “record” button on a camcorder). The handiwork of hobbyists for whom making movies is a release from the drudgery of a day job — or the escape valve for unquenched obsessions — these hidden-in-plain-sight masterminds work entirely without, and beyond the limits of conventional actors, storylines or even formal training. Whether it’s the expansive one-man casts of Los Angeles’ Laz Rojas (playing every male and female role), the vintage clockwork contraptions of San Diego’s Sid Laverents, the impassioned too-much-information asides of suburban Illinois’ David “The Rock” Nelson or the dizzying down-home charm of Arkansas’s Phil Chambliss, the results are always a unique and entertaining concoction of tall tales, nightmare visions, exhibitionistic fantasies and undefinable revelations. Join us in an epic presentation guaranteed to change the very idea of what a lone visionary is capable of in the field of art… and in spite of it. 

And check out the trailer:  

To attend this TOTALLY FREE AND VERY COOL event (you should!), you can pre-register HERE.