Ethan Hawke May Return For The TRAINING DAY TV Series

The TRAINING DAY TV series is more of a sequel than we realized.

You may recall this post from last August, wherein we learned that Antoine Fuqua and Jerry Bruckheimer were planning a TV series based on Fuqua's 2001 film, Training Day. At the time, we all said, "Yeah, sure, that'd be okay, I guess", and then promptly forgot that it was a thing that might actually happen. Not to point fingers or anything (ahem, CBS' Beverly Hills Cop), but we've heard announcements like this before. 

Well, guess what? Training Day: The Series is still a thing that might actually happen. Deadline's got a plot breakdown and everything:

(The show) is set 15 years later and centers on an idealistic young African-American police officer, Kyle, who is given an assignment by the Deputy Chief to go undercover with an elite squad of the LAPD and take down a morally ambiguous Caucasian detective, gaining the trust of the seasoned cop by becoming his new partner.

On its own, that sounds alright. But here's the really interesting part: Ethan Hawke may be reprising his original Training Day role for the series. According to Deadline:

I have learned that Hawke has been approached to reprise his role as Jake Hoyt in the TV series, which hails from Fuqua, Jerry Bruckheimer and Warner Bros. TV. It is unclear at the moment whether it will happen or not as talks are ongoing. If he does, it would be for a supporting/recurring role, though I hear there was an idea for Hawke to potentially star in the series.

Deadline goes on to say that two versions of the Training Day pilot were written, both of which operate as sequels: one in which Jake Hoyt is the "morally ambiguous Caucasian detective", and another wherein Hoyt would play the Deputy Chief. Hawke is said to have passed on the first version, but the possibility remains that he'd climb onboard the second if his appearances on the show were to be kept limited.

I'll admit that seeing Hoyt turn into Denzel Washington's character from the original Training Day would've been pretty cool, but honestly: I'd be just as likely to tune in to see Hoyt as a grizzled Chief, screaming for results in an office somewhere. Bottom line: Hawke's involvement is a plus, and I hope he agrees to it.

How about you guys? Interested, or not so much?