Hear A Snippet Of ‘Men Are Still Good (The Batman Suite)*’ From BATMAN V SUPERMAN

* = Actual title

At a certain point, we're going to have to start wondering if Zack Snyder's just trolling us. We may have reached that point.

Trailers for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice have exhibited a hilarious lack of self-awareness. Superman's been turned into, well, kind of a dick. Batman's picked up Judge Dredd's mantle. And now we've got a snippet of music from the Batman V Superman soundtrack, which reveals that Batman's "Suite" is titled "Men Are Still Good".

I am not even fucking with you right now.

Setting aside the hilariously on-the-nose title: the score's not bad! It doesn't grab me the way Zimmer's score for Man Of Steel did (say what you will about the movie, but that score kicked serious ass), but it's propulsive and appropriately meaty. A little much, perhaps, but like the title of the track itself, that's completely in line with the "judge, jury and executioner" version of the Batman we'll apparently be getting in this movie. 

Other selections from the Batman V Superman soundtrack include "Do You Bleed?", "Black And Blue", "Blood Of My Blood", and "May I Help You, Mr. Wayne? (Bonus Track)", which is presumably not a hidden track wherein Jeremy Irons raps, but let's not give up hope just yet.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice arrives next month. You are cordially invited to spend the interim discussing the overlap between MRA's and Batman enthusiasts in the comments below.