ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK To Stay On Netflix Forever

Or three more seasons anyway.

Orange is the New Black fans should have a lot to be happy for this morning. For one, it’s Friday. And two, Netflix just signed their big show up for three more seasons. That’s at least three more years until black can finally be cool again!

But there may be Orange is the New Black skeptics out there who don’t think this announcement is good enough, who think the extended run will eventually cause a dip in quality. Those people can relax as well. Part of the deal commits showrunner Jenji Kohan to stick around as well. So the show shouldn’t run into one of those extreme drops once the person in charge leaves.

This sort of thing has happened before - It’s Always Sunny got a three year deal not too long ago - but it’s a first for Netflix. It seems like a smart move since everyone I know watches and loves Orange is the New Black and looks at me funny when I admit I haven't seen a single second of the show.