The George A. Romero Feast Continues With DAWN OF THE DEAD

DAWN is the Jawn.

There’s no getting around the fact that some screwy stuff went down with the recording of this episode. Phil and I did this a couple days ago only to discover the first twenty minutes of our discussion unusable. Not that the content wasn’t good - it was probably the best twenty minutes this podcast ever saw! - but thanks to some sort of weird technology glitch.

So we recorded a new introduction to what remained in hopes that it’ll smooth over the pain of what we lost. Which is all anyone can do in a time of great suffering. I apologize for the awkward transition. That’s probably to be expected when you record the first part of a podcast days after recording the second part of a podcast. It’s a warning, really. Always record your podcasts in chronological order.

In any case, we do spend a good hour on Dawn of the Dead, which, according to Phil, is the twelfth or thirteenth best horror film ever made. I feel ranking films like that belittles their worth, but Phil’s gotta Phil.

Next week we will tackle Day of the Dead and probably drop some lines about Hail, Caesar! while we’re at it. Hopefully, the whole thing will get recorded. That’d be a big plus.