HIGH-RISE Gets An Amazing New Trailer

This sums things up nicely.

Do you really need another trailer for High-Rise? Surely by now you’ve decided whether or not the film is for you. If the past trailers and posters haven’t done the job, I imagine hearing great things from everyone who has already seen it certainly had some influence. If not, go ahead and have a look at this:

That’s about as comprehensive a trailer for this film as I can imagine. The only thing it’s missing is the film’s soon-to-be iconic cover of ABBA’s “SOS.” To be honest, my main excitement for the film’s release at this point is just having a chance to hear that again.

Seriously though, High-Rise is exceptional and strange enough to warrant your attention. In addition to the trailer above, the film has also been putting out some really amazing posters, which you can find below: