Josh Boone Delays Adaptation Of Stephen King’s THE STAND, Will Instead Direct REVIVAL

Oh, and Samuel L. Jackson may be getting involved.

Last week, Deadline dropped a small bombshell: director Josh Boone was putting his two-film adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand on hold. Instead, he announced that he'd written an adaptation of Stephen King's Revival, and intended to make that his next film.

Given the amount of time Boone's sunk into The Stand over the last year or more, this was a fairly surprising turn of events. Also surprising was the fact that Boone had somehow managed to knock out a spec script for Revival (and get it approved by King!) while also working on The Stand. Boone's got some serious multi-tasking skills.

Anyway, Boone - having joined forces with producer Mike DeLuca - has taken Revival to Universal, where it has now drawn the interest of Samuel L. Jackson. According to Entertainment Weekly, Jackson is circling the role of Charles Jacobs, "a charismatic, small-town preacher who begins experimenting with the supernatural using electricity after his wife and child are killed in an accident".

I've not gotten around to reading Revival yet (I know, I know), so I have no idea whether or not Jackson's a good fit for the role. I do know that I love Stephen King and Samuel L. Jackson, though, so my instinct is to be totally down for this particular pairing.

People who've read the book: what do you think? Good fit? Not so much? Explain yourself in a non-spoilery way below.