Sylvester Stallone Has Mixed Feelings About The Future Of Rocky Balboa

Welp. Wonder what that means for the CREED sequel.

Last night, Sylvester Stallone was handed the prestigious Montecito Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and while in attendance he was asked where things stood on Creed II. Here's what he said:

“I really have mixed feelings about this, seriously,” he said. “I feel like Rocky, at the end of this movie on the steps, with the help of a young man, and he looks out and says, ‘From here, you can see your whole life’ — it sort of summarizes the whole thing. I don’t know how much further you can push Rocky.”

This is interesting for a number of reasons, not least of which is the fact that Stallone was singing an entirely different tune just last month, when he was floating the idea of a Creed II that would flash forwards and backwards in time ("Think Godfather II") in order to cover Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed's formative years. Has that idea been jettisoned? What about Sly's "Adonis fights another big Russian" pitch? Can we assume that's dead in the water, as well? 

My gut feeling is that nothing's been decided about Creed II, and that Sly's simply thinking out loud in the quote above. What do you guys think?