THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR Trailer Might Give You Some Bad Voting Ideas

Grillo’s back, and we’re all the better for it.

I love me some Purge movies. The first one was kind of a missed opportunity, but it wasn’t bad. The second one righted that wrong by delivering much more of what this concept promises. And based on this trailer, it looks like the third film, The Purge: Election Year, will offer even more awesome Purging action:

It’s an interesting plot. A politician wants to get rid of the annual Purge Night. Obviously, this makes her a target once the night actually rolls around. So she and clean-cut Frank Grillo have to survive until dawn. Simple! And timely!

We don’t have enough action horror hybrids out there, so I’m glad we can at least rely on new Purge films every once in a while. And it doesn’t hurt that Frank Grillo now has a franchise to star in. If he saves this girl, maybe he’ll get on the President’s Secret Service detail, allowing him to buddy-buddy with Gerard Butler for the fourth Purge film!