There’s A New HARRY POTTER Book Coming In July, Kind Of

It's actually the script for the play opening this summer.

A surprise announcement arrived this morning via JK Rowling's Pottermore website: a "Special Rehearsal Edition" of the script book for Harry Potter And The Cursed Child will be published shortly after the play opens on London's West End this summer.

There'll be a print edition of the book as well as a digital edition, and both will include "the version of the play script at the time of the play’s preview performances". Which is to say:

Theatre previews allow the creative team the chance to rehearse and explore scenes further before a production’s official opening night. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child opens for previews several weeks before its official first performance on Saturday 30 July and the Special Rehearsal Edition of the script book will later be replaced by a Definitive Collector’s Edition.

So, two things to keep in mind while digesting this news. One, this is a new Harry Potter book - it's new material written by Rowling and is a direct sequel to the original Harry Potter series - but it's also not "a new Harry Potter book" in the traditional sense. And two, it's the first of at least two editions, the second of which is already being advertised as the "Definitive" one. Whether or not you'll pick up the Special Rehearsal Edition will depend on what level of Harry Potter completionism you're operating at. 

The really cool thing here is that fans who couldn't snag Harry Potter And The Cursed Child tickets (much less afford a trip to London to use them) will be able to stay caught up on what's going on in Harry, Hermione, and Ron's neck of the woods. Going by the title alone, I'm guessing that shenanigans are afoot. 

You guys gonna buy this thing or nah?