Houston! Join Me For A FREE Black Magic Double Feature In Honor Of THE WITCH This Saturday

A screening of SUSPIRIA and WITCHFINDER GENERAL for zero dollars!

This Saturday, February 13, at 9:10pm at Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park in Houston, I'm very pleased to join Houston Programming Director Robert Saucedo for a FREE double feature inspired by The Witch.

We'll be hosting screenings of Michael Reeves' Vincent Price vehicle Witchfinder General (aka The Conqueror Worm) and Dario Argento's all-timer Suspiria. A little about those two films: 


A brutal expose of hypocrisy and corruption, WITCHFINDER GENERAL stars Vincent Price as Matthew Hopkins, a self-appointed “witchfinder” who takes advantage of his position to rape, kill, and plunder across 17th-century England. When he attacks a young soldier’s fiancée, however, he becomes the hunted. Directed with great intensity by the tragic Michael Reeves, who would die only a year later at the age of 25, the film features Price at his most serious, in “one of the best performances I’ve ever given.”


There's nothing more satisfying than being manipulated by Italians. With SUSPIRIA, Dario Argento combines comic book aesthetics with haunted psychology to forge a true benchmark of twentieth-century horror. Jessica Harper arrives at a prestigious ballet school in the middle of nowhere. And things aren't right. Hallucinations! Maggot infestations! Phantasmic gore-slayings! As the secrets of the school unfold, Harper finds herself falling deeper into madness. Or does she?! SUSPIRIA feels like it materialized from an inhuman super-brain that combined the visual energy of Jim Steranko’s work for Marvel Comics, the obsessive science of a Stanley Kubrick production, and the doom-fueled mystery of Shirley Jackson’s gothic paperbacks. This is sensory overload done right. Prepare to be hypnotized for life. (Joseph A. Ziemba)

Did I mention free? Because FREE. This is the perfect way to prime yourself for the delicious black majesty of Robert Eggers' The Witch (in theaters February 18 - DO NOT MISS) and also to show your Valentine's date how off-brand you are. So join us! You can reserve your seats here