The Final BATMAN V SUPERMAN Trailer Is Here

It's really, really Batman-y.

We’re six weeks away from DC’s first foray into the big crossover space, even though this’ll be the first time we see the new Batman, and the new Wonder Woman. I’ve been skeptical myself, given my distaste for most things Snyder, but this new trailer may have just sold me on the movie!

While the "versus" angle makes sense from a logistical standpoint, I’ll probably still need to be convinced of its entertainment value when I watch it. But I have to say, this trailer makes the movie look very, very fun. When the marketing first began, the film seemed to be exactly as dour as its predecessor, although the recent trailer with Doomsday hinted at a wackier side to the movie that we weren’t yet exposed to. It could very well have been marketing trickery, this new footage seems to indicate that there’s some actual fun to be had. I mean, how can you not love Batman punching a guy so hard his head goes through the floor?

Here’s hoping the rest of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice* manages to follow suit. We know there’s going to be time spent discussing the death and destruction in the last movie, and more than enough grumpy Superman and conflicting parental advice to go around, but I’m starting to have a good feeling about the time it’ll spend on other things.

*maybe the dumb title will seem fun in retrospect?