The First Full Trailer For THE INVITATION Will Make You So Nervous

"Something here doesn't feel safe."

First up - there's something (quite a bit, in fact) to be said for going into Karyn Kusama's The Invitation completely blind. I did, and it was a pretty spectacular way to experience the film. So if you're into that, don't watch this terrific, nearly unbearably nerve-wracking trailer. 

But if you did watch it, let's discuss! The other thing to note here is that The Invitation is a deeply engaging character study, an examination of the different ways we cope with insurmountable grief. From that angle, there's nothing that can be strictly spoiled in this tense, intelligent, perfectly executed film. However you approach watching this movie, you'll be satisfied. It's just that good.

The Invitation is out from Drafthouse Films on April 8. Be ready.