Brace Yourself: McG And Damon Wayans Teaming For LETHAL WEAPON TV Show

Sentence not created by a random bad idea generator.

You can’t control the universe. Things happen when we wish they wouldn’t, and it’s better to just let it go. I want you to keep that in mind when reading the following paragraph.

According to Deadline, Fox and Warner Bros. have ordered a pilot for a Lethal Weapon TV show. The pilot will be directed by McG. The pilot will star Damon Wayans as Roger Murtaugh. The pilot does not have a Riggs yet. The pilot will probably cast Dane Cook as Riggs just to fuck with you.

That is a lot of not awesome stuff. There was a time when Damon Wayans’ name indicated something positive, but I think that time may have passed. In this new version of the story, Riggs is an ex-Navy SEAL who has just lost his wife and his baby. Raising those stakes. Murtaugh, on the other hand, is a cop who just had a heart attack and has to avoid stress. Good luck with a loose cannon like Riggs, around!

It’s nice to always end things on a positive outlook. So… this show could be good. Anything is possible, however unlikely.