Here’s The First Teaser For The GHOSTBUSTERS Reboot

Gentlemen's Rights Activists, start your complaining!

The first teaser trailer for Paul Feig's Ghostbusters is here, and it's...well, there's not much to it, honestly. This is one of those "teaser for a trailer" things, designed to deliver a limited amount of footage, a tagline (you already know the tagline), and a release date for the actual trailer. Essentially, it's there to remind us that this is a thing that will soon exist.

Normally I might not bother posting such a thing, but let's be real: this is a teaser for the Ghostbusters reboot, which affords us the opportunity to further annoy Men's Rights Activists. That alone makes the clip worth sharing. Let's take a look:

See? Not much to it. Something big happening in the streets of New York, a tagline, a date. It's your standard-issue teaser.

Of course we'll be running the full trailer when it arrives on March 3rd. You are invited to spend the interim debating whether or not women have the right to wield Proton Packs in the comments below.