SPONSORED POST: Here’s The One Watchlist To Rule Them All

Introducing Legit.

We don’t do a lot of sponsored posts here, but when something cool enough comes along, we’re happy to team up and help spread the word.

People attending last year’s Fantastic Fest had the opportunity to utilize an app called Legit, which allowed participants to rate and discuss all the great films they watched. This is particularly valuable at a film festival, where you frequently have to make choices between unknown films. Instead of making that choice blind, Legit helped attendees make more educated decisions, while also offering a sense of community.

But Legit’s usefulness goes beyond a film festival. In the same way we used it last year, people can use the app to help figure out what shows and movies they want to watch, which is useful given the insane amount of choices out there. For those who spend an entire movie’s worth of time just browsing Netflix instead of actually watching anything, Legit’s “one Watchlist to rule them all” can be a great help.

Here’s how it works:

Unlike other lists out there, Legit’s watchlist is intelligent - it updates and sorts based on what your friends are watching and rating, what’s trending in the Legit community, and eventually events like when a movie becomes available to rent on iTunes. In other words, the Legit watchlist will show you which movie or TV show you might want to watch first. And you can use track movies and TV shows across any app, even if it’s not yet released.

Aside from the watchlist, you’re also having a conversation with your friends about movies and TV shows. When you rate things or add them to your watchlist, they get added to an activity feed that you and your friends see. If you see they just added “Mr. Robot” and you loved it, tell them so. It’s also a great way to discover things you might want to watch. Plus, you can also check out your friends’ profile to see what’s on their watchlist, what they’ve rated, and how compatible your tastes are.

So not only do you get a better sense of what shows and movies you should be watching, you also get to see what your friends are up to, making Legit both useful and fun.

You can get Legit on iOS, Android, the new Apple TV, Apple Watch, legit.com, and even Twitter (just tweet "@legitapp /add" and the movie name!). So the next time you hear a great movie recommendation from a friend, just open Legit and add it to your watchlist while you’re on the go.