Spot The Monster In The New 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE Trailer

They're playing it real coy with this one.

A month ago, none of us had any idea that 10 Cloverfield Lane existed. Now we're a month away from its release, and - even as the film's marketing campaign ramps up - there's still plenty we don't know.

Maybe it's a legit Cloverfield sequel. Maybe it's a tangential side story taking place in the same universe. Maybe it's totally unrelated, and the title is more indicative of the project's secretive nature than anything else (my best guess: Bad Robot wants to curate an entire series of mystery box movies, and the only common element between them will be a "Cloverfield" mention in each film's title). This sort of thing usually gets under my skin, but I gotta admit: I'm really curious abou 10 Cloverfield Lane, and I like the game they're playing with it thus far.

Today we got a new trailer, and it admirably ups the ante in terms of screwing with everyone. Check it out:

"There are monsters in this film," the trailer above says, nudging you in the ribs and winking as hard as it can without spraining something. "Just maybe not the type you're expecting, based on the possibly-arbitrary title we threw on this thing!" 

I admire this hucksterism, but part of that admiration has to do with the quick turnaround time: if they started advertising this thing a year ago, I'd probably be sick of the game-playing by now. But a two-month window, from announcement to release? I can roll with that. Take note, JJ Abrams. This is a far more reasonable timeframe to play your mystery box games within.

10 Cloverfield Lane opens March 11th. I am excited about it. Where do you guys stand?