Dolph Lundgren’s KINDERGARTEN COP 2 Trailer Is Stupid

No surprises here.

It’s a lot of fun to talk about how Dolph Lundgren is starring in a DTV sequel to Kindergarten Cop. But at some point, the joke ends and somebody has to watch the movie. We’re getting closer to that point, close enough to have a trailer:

Remember, I like Dolph Lundgren a lot, so it’s extra embarrassing to see him snap his fingers in Bill Bellamy’s face like a sassy drama queen in a movie that asks him to get peed on by kids over and over again. If there were something special here, I’d be all over it. But I doubt we’re getting anything beyond the joke that muscle man Lundren could run a kindergarten class (which isn’t even much of a joke because he’s a smart guy and could probably do it).

According to IMDB, Kindergarten Cop 2 comes out May 17. Yes, I’ll watch it.