PREDATOR Reboot Poster Adds Definite Article

Maybe Paul Feig should have tried this trick?

We nerds get cranky when you remake our favorites. Just ask the folks making 2016's Ghostbusters), or Rob Zombie, or the poor souls behind 2011's The Thing. You can call them reboots or prequels or re-imaginings, but no one is fooled - you're remaking our favorite movies, and you must be assaulted and harassed online! Them's the rules! So the folks behind the new Predator film are trying to be slick - and taking a cue from their predecessors* - by tweaking the title, and adding a "The" in front. The Predator! Ta-da! All-new! And today they've got a fugly poster to sneak past you.

Is a title tweak enough to keep all the "raped childhood" maniacs at bay? Would sticking a "The" in front of Ghostbusters have saved Paul Feig the online vitriol he's had to endure this past year? Probably not. But the good news here is this title business is just marketing chicanery- there's a chance we've got something special coming from the creative team of Shane Black and Fred Dekker. Black's association with the franchise - rewriting the original script, playing one of the Predator's first victims - predates the unimaginative title fad of the 21st century (I'm looking at YOU, Jason Bourne), so keep hope alive, people.

*Because c'mon, Predators was totally a remake.