WOLVERINE 3 Will Probably Be Rated R

Thanks to Deadpool.

The post-Deadpool landscape may very well contain many R-rated superhero films, whether that's a good idea or not (I tend to lean towards not making children's characters for adults only, but I'm weird). The first boat to benefit from the R-rated rising tide? Possibly Wolverine 3 or The Wolverine 2 or however they're titling the next (and perhaps final) Wolverine film. 

That comes to us from Toy Fair, where this was spotted in the wild:


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This had to have been decided before the release of Deadpool but Fox's willingness to shoot for an R certainly rides on early tracking for Deadpool. And if there was any dissension about an R-rated Wolverine movie on Friday, it has evaporated by today. 

Now comes the huge question: should a Wolverine movie be rated R? I have to weigh in with my opinion, which is 'Who gives a shit?' James Mangold's The Wolverine was pretty good, but I feel more Wolverine fatigue than I feel Spider-Man fatigue. I've seen enough of this iteration of this character to last me a very, very long time. Adding blood, boobs and F-bombs to a Wolverine movie won't make the cinematic version of him feel any less stretched thin and overdone.