Julianne Moore Might Supply KINGSMAN 2 With A Highly Dignified Villain

Oh, the profanity she will spew.

One of last year’s best surprises was the funny, violent, and super cool Kingsman: The Secret Service, a movie that gave us Taron Egerton, a badass Colin Firth, and a Samuel L. Jackson who throws up at the sight of his own blood. What’s not to like?

Unfortunately, two of those people didn’t make it to the end of the film, so a Kingsman sequel will definitely have to restock. And according to The Hollywood Reporter, it may begin with Julianne Moore. The actress is circling the film’s primary villain role. I can imagine her having a fun time in Kingsman’s more ribald spy world.

The article also makes pretty clear that Colin Firth will not be returning. There has been some speculation that director Matthew Vaughn might try to get him in there somehow. Now that seems to be off, which is disappointing but probably for the best overall.

Kingsman 2 is expected to begin shooting this summer.