A Head Gets Stabbed By A Bullet In New LONDON HAS FALLEN Clip

Looks like the craziness of the first film isn’t going anywhere.

I hate watching movie clips ahead of a film’s release, particularly if it’s for a film I’m super excited to see. But I feel it’s my responsibility to share the potential greatness a London Has Fallen clip offers:

Any fears that London Has Fallen won’t bring Olympus Has Fallen’s irresponsible hatred for human decency should be ameliorated by what we have here. In this minute and a half, Gerard Butler drops an F-bomb, crashes a car into a couple of innocent, occupied automobiles, and shoots an already dead man in the head at point blank range.

In short, I think I am in love. Hopefully the rest of the film lowers itself to the standards seen in this clip. We don’t have to wait much longer to find out, either. London Has Fallen comes out March 4.