Let Kevin Costner Explain FASTBALL To You

A documentary about very speedy baseballs.

I cannot watch baseball. It's soooo boring. But I love the mythology surrounding baseball, and the characters and the weird mathematical angle to it all. I like everything about baseball except for baseball itself. 

Which is why I'm drawn to baseball movies and docs. They capture all the good stuff without making me sit around watching dudes knock dirt out of their cleats for hours on end. Also they explain everything to me, which is good because I cannot keep any of the players or rules straight in baseball. 

Enter Fastball, a documentary from Legendary and MLB narrated by Kevin Costner. It promises to explore the lure of the fastball, that famous ball thrown very quickly, which makes it quite hard to hit (I think I'm getting the hang of this baseball stuff!). It's hitting my baseball doc buttons perfectly - it's got history, it's got physics and it's got mythology, all rolled into one. 

Check out the trailer below. The movie will be on demand March 25th.