BOND 25 Chatter Begins - In Norwegian

The heir to the EON throne says they've started "doodling" some story ideas, according to Google Translate.

Yesterday was the big Christie's Spectre auction, and the event raised nearly four million dollars for various charitable organizations. That’s a really cool thing to do, isn’t it? They’re taking the most selfish human impulse - collecting STUFF - and putting it in the service of some of humanity’s most noble efforts. Well done, Eon Productions. And judging from the prices raised - $131,000 for Bond’s exploding watch, $140,000 for Bond’s Day of the Dead costume, and nearly three and a half million bucks for Bond’s Aston Martin DB10 - the critical thumping taken by Spectre didn’t mean a whole lot to the faithful. James Bond Will Return, y’all.

But when? And how? And with whose face? Norwegian site snagged an interview with associate producer Gregg Wilson, son of Eon honcho Michael G. Wilson and heir apparent to the 007 producer’s throne. While Wilson the Younger didn’t divulge too much, he did say the following (loosely translated into English by Chrome’s instant translation tool):

We've just begun to doodle with ideas for the next movie. Each script process begins when we ask ourselves the question: "What is the world afraid of now?" In the case of  Spectre the theme was global monitoring and utilization of information. So now we are trying to find out what will be relevant in the coming years.

So what most terrifies the world today? Killer viruses? Economic collapse? President Trump? Speaking only for myself, I’d watch Bond on a mission to kill a Lonesome Rhodes “politician of the people” type.

Wilson also said:

We always want to do something new with the Bond character and see him in situations we have not seen him in the past. We must give the audience something new every time...often it helps to go back to Ian Fleming's novels for inspiration, whether you're talking about grades or mood...

"Grades"? Thanks for nothing, Google Translate. The article goes on to say that young Mr. Wilson is “pretty sure” Craig will be back for the next film. I like the sound of all that, especially the “back to Fleming” stuff. Fleming’s Bond has done a few things that Craig's iteration of the character has yet to do. Lots of it involves being really condescending to minority service employees, but I think my point stands. Let’s see Craig’s 007 in Paris, or in New York, or involved in a legit ski chase! (Seriously, how disappointing was that Spectre snow action?) And if it’s Craig's last one, let’s get Bond down to Jamaica and at a casino table before the buzzer sounds. Let's leave the clumsy plotting (and horse-piss color grading) of Spectre in our rearview and end this run on a high note.