THE WITCH’s Robert Eggers Is Shudder’s First Guest Curator

Soon to be followed by Karyn Kusama and Alexandre Aja.

Shudder, the curated horror streaming service of which we are a fan, has invited The Witch's Robert Eggers to be their first guest curator. And what an excellent choice! With titles like Kill List (says Eggers, "Ben Wheatley continues to be one of the most original voices in contemporary film. I love all of his work and look forward to his next film. This is one of the few horror films in recent films that actually scared me. And the performances are fantastic."), The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari ("For me, this is the most iconic of the German Expressionist silent films. The design is immaculate and incredible ­ the strange stylized performance by Conrad Veidt is mesmerizing. I'm getting chills remembering the close up of his awakening as I write this.") and The Snowtown Murders ("One of the best debut features I have seen. The light, the atmosphere, the fantastic naturalistic performance, and the uncompromising truth, makes for a film that it more horrific than horror. It is not to be missed and impossible to be forgotten."), Eggers has curated a tense and diverse list of titles. 

Eggers introduces the collection in the below video: 

Future guest curators will include The Invitation and Jennifer Body's Karyn Kusama and High Tension's Alexandre Aja, so stay tuned for those. Very curious to see what Kusama has up her sleeve, in particular. 

You can sign up for Shudder, or just tiptoe in with a free trial, here