CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR: Info On Martin Freeman’s Character And A New Look At Crossbones!

Some questions answered inside.

Up until now, we haven’t had the pleasure of knowing who Martin Freeman will play in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. Many assumed he would fill the role of Everett Ross, US government guy in Wakanda, which happens to be home of Black Panther.

It turns out those assumptions were correct, according to Empire Magazine. Freeman’s Everett Ross will be part of a group called the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre. Empire also released a photo of Freeman along side some German cops and Steve Rogers’ old neighbor Sharon Carter. So there’s one mystery solved. Now we just need to figure out how much Martin Freeman we can expect to see in Black Panther when it comes out.

But that’s not all! Empire also released this first really good look Frank Grillo’s new and improved Crossbones:

Between all the returning superheroes - as well as all the debuting superheroes - this film has to offer, it’s hard to even fathom there being room for Martin Freeman’s character or more Crossbones action. If this were anyone other than Marvel, I’d be worried. But it is Marvel, a studio with too good a track record to second guess at this point.