A cool cover! Great articles! A flexi disc!

Our Star Wars issue of BIRTH. MOVIES. DEATH. magazine was such a hit that we have decided to keep going in that direction - special collector's issues tied in with some of the year's most exciting movies (as well as special issues featuring some of the greatest filmmakers who ever lived). We have an exciting 2016 planned out, and it all starts here: with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Yup, that's our next issue, and the image you see above is the awesome, dynamic wraparound cover created by Oliver Barrett and designed by Mondo that is exclusive to this magazine. Within the pages of the mag you'll find the same great art and smart words you found in the Star Wars issue (except about Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman, duh) - and if you're lucky you'll find a flexi-disc! That's right, we're including a limited edition Mondo flexi-disc featuring a track from the Hans Zimmer/Junkie XL score for Batman v Superman and we're inserting them in random issues. 

Inside the magazine you'll find examinations of the history of Batman and Superman, a look at the man who created Wonder Woman and the woman behind him, a dive into Lex Luthor's twisted, wicked backstory, an appreciation of DC's booming TV-verse, and a special, exclusive article from comic book legend Mark Waid reminding us "Why Superman Matters." From an ode toThe Batdance to a look at the original Batman and Superman serials to insight into Batman the Animated Series, this issue has everything you need to get ready for the titanic tussle between DC's most iconic heroes. 

This is going to be a highly limited release, and the magazine will only be available for pre-order for the next couple of weeks. You can buy it as part of a ticket package at your local Alamo Drafthouse when you buy your Batman v Superman tickets (also available: ass-kicking pint glasses!) or you can pre-order it online right now. The magazine will be published on March 24th, so that's around when you'll be receiving them. 

We have changed up our shipping procedure from Star Wars and we now offer package tracking so that you know just what is happening to your magazine. It's a better system and we think it'll be much smoother. 

Order right now using the button below. Expect more peeks inside the magazine in the coming days, but we will be closing orders much quicker than we did with Star Wars, so don't dawdle. Once the orders are closed this magazine is finished, and no further copies will be printed.