PACIFIC RIM 2 Is Still Happening

With the showrunner of SPARTACUS helming.

It looked for a minute like Pacific Rim 2 was dead. The sequel mostly existed because the original had done very well in China, and then Legendary shuffled the dates for it and removed it altogether, leaving many to assume that Chinese box office simply wasn't enough to justify the cost of making the movie. And then Guillermo del Toro, the man behind Pacific Rim, moved on to other projects. It looked like PacRim2 wasn't to be. Farewell, Gypsy Danger!

Yesterday the project roared back to life, but with del Toro at the helm. Legendary is going ahead with Pacific Rim 2 but the director will be Steven De Knight, the guy behind Spartacus (not the movie, the boob-filled TV show) and season one of Daredevil. He mentioned he couldn't come back for season two because of Hollywood - it looks like this is what he was talking about. 

I'm not that wild about De Knight - I just sort of don't gibe with his sensibilities - but at least del Toro remains onboard as a producer. And the great John Spaihts is writing the script, a major step up for the sequel. There's no release date, but Universal, who has partnered with Legendary, will release the film.