Bill Paxton To Play Bad Cop In TRAINING DAY Series

King Kong could probably take him out, to be honest.

Training Day starred Ethan Hawke as an innocent rookie cop who spends his first day on the job with a dirty criminal played by Denzel Washington. It is great. Everything that is great gets a remake, it seems, and this particular remake is coming to television.

In a stunning show of winking originality, the race roles in this version will be reversed. This time the innocent rookie cop will be black, and the dirty criminal will be white. We still don’t have the youngster yet, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, veteran awesome guy Bill Paxton will play the villain.

This could be a whole lot worse. My impression of Bill Paxton tends to lean on the goofy side, but he’s far more versatile than that. He can do menace, and he can earn our sympathy while doing it. I imagine that will be very useful in a series format, as we probably will lose interest if he’s just all evil all the time for multiple seasons. I’ll be very curious to see who they cast as the youngster and what kind of chemistry he has with Paxton.