The Man Behind WRATH OF KHAN Joins The New STAR TREK TV Show

Shit just got real.

When I met Nicholas Meyer and had him sign a Mondo Wrath of Khan poster from a screening where I got a Star Trek tattoo live on stage while introducing the movie. I also showed him the tattoo, and he was visibly disgusted by my nerdiness. It was pretty great. 

Meyer is, second to Gene Roddenberry, the biggest name in Star Trek for me. His work on Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country redefined Star Trek in a major way, and I think Khan has actually defined Trek for most people (for better or worse). He's a great storyteller in general, but his connection to Trek will be with him forever. 

And ever and ever, as he has just signed on to be a consulting producer and writer on the new Star Trek TV series Bryan Fuller is running. A consulting producer doesn't do a whole lot, generally, but I like the 'writer' in his title. And I like that he's involved - this is a sign that Fuller is taking the right stuff from Trek's history. Don't take Meyer's story, the way JJ Abrams did with Star Trek Into Darkness, take Meyer himself. 

What a couple of weeks it has been for this new Trek! I have gone from being mildly interested to all but foaming at the mouth. What a 50th anniversary this is shaping up to be.