The Amazing HAMILTON/STAR TREK Parody Almost No One Was Asking For

Except me. I was asking for it.

Listen, I draw a hard line when it comes to mash-ups and stuff but even I am only human. When you take my favorite current musical thing - the Broadway show Hamilton - and smash it together with one of my all-time general favorite things - Star Trek - I'm gonna pay attention. 

This song, My Spock, parodies the great third song from HamiltonMy Shot, all the way down to the introduction of characters towards the end. But instead of Alexander Hamilton singing it's Sarek, Spock's dad, and instead of Lafayette, Hercules Mulligan, John Laurens and Aaron Burr, it's Spock, Kirk, Bones and Chekov. 

Oh, and in case all of this wasn't silly enough, it's about the 2009 Star Trek reboot specifically. 

Jackson Lanzing, the guy behind this amazing and amazingly dorky parody, is a comic book writer and so this comes from deep in the trenches of nerdery. But more than that, Lanzing captures classic Weird Al magic here - his song isn't just throwing Hamilton and Star Trek together but rather is an understanding of both things, and he uses them both to maximum effect.

It's silly as hell, and I love it.