Get Ready For Some Denzel Washington Watching With The Drafthouse’s Denzel Watchingthon Marathon

That's a real mouthful.

Every so often, Austin's Alamo Drafthouse hosts a marathon based on a certain actor or director. And now the time has come to celebrate that handsomest and most talented of performers, one Mr. Denzel Washington. 

At 10am on Sunday, April 10th at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar, you can see FIVE films starring Denzel Washington on 35mm, and several more of his trailers. Which films? It's a mystery! 

Programmer and host Greg MacLennan has a little more to say about it: 

"The list is finite. The club is exclusive. The history of film includes a record of actors who accrue a grand status through a body of work where every role, every choice is worthy of our study. You cannot copy them. You can, at best, sort of emulate them….Now it’s odd how many of these immortals of the silver screen, of the firmament, need only one name to conjure the gestalt of their great artistry. A single name can be a superlative, synonymous with extraordinary. If Washington doesn't ring out loud enough, then let the first name carry all the weight...and that name is DENZEL." - Tom Hanks

Denzel Washington isn't the kind of actor you love to watch. He's not the kind of guy you idly realize is part of a film. Denzel Washington is an actor that transcends both time and space. He is an actor and director that doesn't request your attention; he demands it. He is, arguably, one of the most captivating screen presences of all time and it is with distinct honor that Tough Guy Cinema presents to you...DENZEL WATCHINGTHON: The Denzel Washington Mystery Marathon.

"You have to grab moments when they happen." - Denzel Washington

This moment is upon you, and it is time you choose to accept your fate. DENZEL WATCHINGTHON will be a day unlike any other, featuring a feat of 35mm exhibition previously unthought of achieving in a single day, trailers of Washington's forgotten and, as alway, a surprise or two for the faithful who worship at the altar of Denzel. 

He's been a father, a criminal, a boxer, a lawyer, a son to a white man and a ghost to a drunk man. This day will unleash upon you an all-out Washington assault that will leave you laughing, crying and strutting out of a theater, inspired, accomplished and exclaiming, "KING KONG AIN'T GOT SHIT ON ME!"

The lineup is a mystery, but the reward is not. DENZEL WATCHINGTHON guarantees you almost 11 hours with your favorite actor of all time. The Academy Award winner has contributed more than 50 films to the history of cinema and remains one of the few constants in a world of waning box-office superstars as potent a draw today as he did when he first exploded onto the scene in 1981. You can keep your Jackmans, McCarthys, Evanses, and Downey Juniors this summer. Because the only name you'll be remembering long after the summer blockbuster season has come to a close is the name that you started it all with on April 10th: DENZEL. 

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