New CIVIL WAR Photos Bring Us Behind The Battle

Also, some buzz: the movie is good!

Captain America: Civil War is, more or less, finished. There will be some tweaks and some FX work completed, but as of right now Marvel has a movie that they like. And that they like a lot. Not only do they like it, they've been showing it to people, and those people like it too. 

I've had the luck to speak to a couple of people who have seen recent screenings of Civil War and what they said about it has gotten me so excited for the film. I'm even more excited because these reactions are from different people but what they liked is very similar. When you're hearing early reports from screenings you have to take taste into account - I will never forget that a publicist told me that Zodiac was a stinker - but when you have multiple sources sharing the same opinion you can feel more secure in what they're saying. 

What are they saying? That the movie is fully a sequel to The Winter Soldier. I've been telling you this for a while, but now that the film is finished it seems to be confirmed - this isn't Avengers 2.5, but rather Captain America 3, and it truly focuses on Cap and Bucky. I have been told that Spider-Man is great, and that the film doesn't waste time on retelling his origin. We all get it, and the movie just moves along. I've been told that Black Panther is phenomenal, and that Chadwick Boseman is a major addition to the MCU. This movie picks up the pieces of Avengers: Age of Ultron in surprising and human ways and makes us feel the true cost of Sokovia. And I've been told that the last half hour of the film is brutal, both physically and emotionally. One person told me that the last act plays out as an emotional horror movie because the film gives both Tony and Steve solid reasoning, and because it truly makes you feel the depths of this schism. 

God, I hope this is all correct. I like that Marvel has been essentially laying low on Civil War lately, allowing Batman v Superman to do its business, but also that they're confident enough in the film to begin screening it. I expect we will see one last trailer for Civil War in the next week or so - is it too heavy to put in front of Zootopia? - and then the wait will be truly difficult. 

In the meantime Marvel has released some behind the scenes images from the film. Enjoy them here.