BIG BAD WOLVES Directors To Remake DEATH WISH With Bruce Willis

What could go wrong?

Remaking Death Wish, the story of a guy’s transformation from bleeding heart liberal to a vigilante who gleefully murders mostly black street thugs, feels like a dubious prospect in this day and age. Maybe you could change up the demographics a little, but how much do you change before you just have a vigilante movie connected to the original Death Wish by name only (not that that’s a bad thing considering the relative quality of James Wan’s Death Sentence)?

Either way, if you’re going to remake Death Wish, it helps to have exciting people involved, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, we may have some. Bruce Willis is attached to star, so that’s pretty swell, assuming that he shows up to actually act. Meanwhile, Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado are likely to direct.

The duo gained prominence with their dark revenge picture, Big Bad Wolves, which people don’t discuss much anymore but made big waves on the festival circuit a few years ago. At one point Joe Carnahan was attached to this. That would have been interesting, but Keshales and Navot are no slouches. They could really turn this into something dark and engaging. It’s highly doubtful they’ll treat the story with the same political insanity delivered by Michael Winner in 1974. We’ll just have to wait and see where they go with this as the film develops.