Arnold Schwarzenegger To Have Lunch With Shane Black, Maybe Discuss Being In The New PREDATOR

This is super tenuous.

We've known for some time that a new Predator movie was en route, and recently we learned it even had a director, a release date, and an official title: Shane Black's The Predator, arriving on March 2nd, 2018. Beyond that, plot details have been sketchy, but get this: a new report from The Arnold Fans indicates that Black may have lunch with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the near future.

Speaking to The Arnold Fans, Schwarzenegger had this to say:

I haven’t talked with him (Shane Black) yet, but I’m going to meet with him for lunch sometime soon. Just as soon as I’m finished with this (Arnold’s Sports Festival) and "The Apprentice" and all this stuff. But I will get together with him. If there is any news, we’ll of course let you know right away. There’s also a meeting coming up soon about Conan, about the project moving forward.

So there you have it. As soon as he wraps up this stuff with the Sports Festival and The Apprentice, former Governor of California and Last Action Hero star Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to have lunch with The Predator director Shane Black. If there's anything to report in the wake of that lunch, both Schwarzenegger and Black will let us know right away.

As of this writing, there's no word on what sort of meeting Schwarzenegger will be having re: Conan (lunch? Dinner? Drinks? Stogies? Group dead-lifts?), but of course we will keep you updated as developments occur.