HARDCORE HENRY Gets Another Hard To Ignore Trailer

“Jolly good.”

Hardcore Henry, an upcoming action film told from a first-person perspective, wasn’t a movie I was looking forward to seeing. In fact, when the film first appeared on my radar I dreaded it, or rather I dreaded the nausea I assumed that camera work would provoke.

But we’re at trailer number two now, and nausea or no, I can’t wait to see Hardcore Henry. I don’t know if it’s the crazy, hyper inventiveness, the very real “how did they do that?” factor, or just the promise of exposition from a wacky, juiced-up Sharlto Copley. Going solely on spirit and tone, this feels almost like a continuation of the Crank films, and I don’t have it in me to ignore that. If I throw up, so be it.

Can Hardcore Henry can sustain this energy for a full ninety minutes? Or is it just especially good in trailer form? And how many goofy outfits will Sharlto Copley wear? All these questions will finally get answered April 8.