UPDATED! Looks Like Aaron Paul’s Dream To Be In THE DARK TOWER Will Come True

One person’s dream is another person’s nightmare, yo.

Looks like it finally happened. According to Blastr - and seemingly confirmed by a tweet by the actor himself - Aaron Paul has been cast in the Dark Tower adaptation:

No one knows who he will play. But c’mon. He’s playing Eddie Dean. Or maybe he’s playing another newly invented Taheen character or Sheemie or something dumb like that. But, he’s probably playing Eddie Dean. Or maybe they really want to get weird with it and have him play Jake. But no, it’s going to be Eddie Dean.

I’m not sure I like Paul for Eddie Dean, though. There was always something older to me about Eddie, something less insecure than the mess we always get with Aaron Paul. It’s true that Dean begins the story in a pretty bad place, but it’s not long before he’s a super badass just like everyone else. Most of all, I don’t know if I can handle Paul doing a New York accent.

There are a lot of troubling indicators when it comes to this project, so my excitement is pretty low despite the incredible casting of Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey. It’s going to take a lot of good news for me to stop seeing this as a future disaster, particularly since this is one of my favorite properties ever. I usually don’t give a shit about these things, but I’m very picky about The Dark Tower.

I’m sure you have opinions of your own. Sound off in the comments and try not to give me too much shit.

UPDATE: This just popped up, so who the hell knows what's going on.