Team Iron Man Represents In New CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR

Let the stare-down begin!

Yesterday, Devin posted his Captain America: Civil War set report, which - along with being very informative about Earth, Wind & Fire - included a series of Team Cap character posters.

Today we get to see the other side of the aisle with a handful of Team Iron Man posters:

On the plus side, it’s very cool they chose to feature T’Challa Udaku without his Black Panther mask. On the negative side, where’s that Spider-Man? Of course, it’s not realistic that Marvel would premiere that character’s look on a measly character poster. But still, the omission is noted!

We’re getting closer and closer to this film’s May 6 release date. And in the meantime we have Batman V Superman to feed our hero vs hero bloodlust. It’s a very exciting time to be alive and nerdy and into watching good people punch each other.