Ready To Get Ready For Tomorrow’s Big CIVIL WAR Trailer?

If not, these two teasers might help.

It’s been a big week for Captain America: Civil War. We had a big set visit report, a bunch of character posters, a scientifically accurate account of its 146-minute running time, and now two teasers for tomorrow’s supposedly great trailer:

There are many rumblings that this build up to tomorrow’s trailer is really a build up to the long-awaited reveal of our new Spider-Man. While some predict Marvel will keep Spidey secret until the film comes out, there’s also a sense that people in the real world (and by that I mean everyday folks who don’t talk about movie news all day) don’t even know Spider-Man is in this. Not that the movie needs a boost, but it might help to let everyone know this film’s going to be more exciting than they already suspect.

Will it happen? We only have to wait a day to find out. I’m voting yes. That’s what my heart wants, and I always vote with my heart. Which is why I’m writing myself in for president this November. All dreams are possible if you believe hard enough!!!