A Hi-Res Look At The Spider-Man Costume In CIVIL WAR

This looks better than the video version!

It was exciting seeing Spider-Man swing into action in the trailer for Captain America: Civil War, but it turns out web video compression does his costume no favors. Now there's a hi-res look at the hero, and it really makes everything better.

In the hi-res image you can see that Spidey's black webs stand out better against his red costume. What's more, you can see that the costume does have a texture to it. I used to hate that every superhero costume is highly textured, but after talking to some costume designers on these movies I've come to realize that without the texture the costumes look bad on film. I think the lack of discernable texture in the web video turned off many people - it certainly added to my initial reaction that the suit looked too Electric Company

This hi-res image gives us a better look at Spidey's spider-emblem which is... little and fat! It much more closely resembles the Silver Age logo than any we've seen onscreen in the past, many of which tend towards the modern trend of being quite large. Going along with that Silver Age look is the fact that Spidey's eyes have a thicker black rim, harkening back to Steve DItko's original design. In the film the rim exists in this Tony Stark-designed costume to give Spidey some extra expressions, which he also had in the comics. In the trailer we can see his eyes narrow. It's a nice solution - in the comics his eyes weren't meant to actually be changing shape, the artists were just using artistic license to get across emotions on a full-face mask. 

The hi-res image also reveals that Spidey has a belt, on which he keeps extra web cartridges. 

If you pause the trailer at the right moment you'll notice that Spidey has web shooters on the exterior of his wrists - big, blocky ones that resemble not how Spidey was drawn but very much how the 'behind the scenes' pin-ups you would find in Annuals would depict them. It's quite clear that the Russos have gone completely Silver Age with this costume, while taking some notes from the modern era. In fact the one element missing to make this a very Silver Age costume indeed would be the webbing in the arm pits. 

The hi-res version also gives us a good look at a costume that is both skin-tight - check out his clavicle and shoulder muscles - but also loose enough to wrinkle like fabric. Between Spidey and The Vision we're seeing a move towards very comics-traditional costumes here for the MCU. I wish the creators of Daredevil would take a look at this and note how well it works.

Seeing the costume up close and personal like this makes a huge difference. I suspect Disney recognized that web compression wasn't going to do the suit any favors, and so they had this image ready. Good thinking.

Click here to see the image below fully embiggened!