Daisy Ridley Is On Some Exec’s Wish List For The TOMB RAIDER Reboot

WB has binders full of women, and she's in one.

Here's a classic bullshit story, the sort that has been getting clicks on the internet for a decade now. There's a reboot of the Tomb Raider movies, based on the Tomb Raider games, in the works, and the studios behind it - Warner Bros working with MGM - would like Daisy Ridley, the breakout discovery from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, to play the new Lara Croft. That's according to Deadline. Here's what makes it bullshit: they have not talked to her. They have not approached her agents. They have not opened negotiations. They just have a list of people they think would be good for the movie, and she's on it. 

I've written about this in  the distant past, so now is a good time to talk about it again: this is, essentially, meaningless. Every production makes a list of people they would like to star in their film. That list is based on a couple of factors, including budget (you can afford certain actors but not others), looks, and general popularity. Many of these lists look identical. I imagine Daisy Ridley is on the list for every single female role under the age of 40 in Hollywood right now because she's just the right combination of exciting, well known and new where she would bring in lots of attention to the film but probably can't realistically ask for a ton of money. She's not quite a proven star yet (ie, her name certainly didn't open Star WarsStar Wars opened Star Wars).

Sometimes these list stories can be interesting - they can give us a sense of what kind of actor the production is going after - but very often the lists themselves are so wide that they're useless. We can't quite tell what Daisy Ridley's presence on this particular list means because we can't see the scope of their hope. Are they looking at younger actresses in general, or is Ridley the lone young woman? Are they sticking to white actresses or are there women of color on their wish list? 

At any rate, expect to see Daisy Ridley's name in a lot of stories like this, because she has now entered the 'coveted' phase of her career. She was great in Star Wars, people liked her, and her presence at the movie's junket/premiere is sure to draw a lot of press hoping to get scoops about a galaxy far, far away. 

Which isn't to say Ridley is a bad choice for the role! She'd be great, I bet. It's just that maybe the reporting should come after someone actually has a conversation with her about it.

By the way, none of this is to say that Daisy Ridley won't be Lara Croft. No one can know the future! But we can know that until the studio has talks with her it's the same as you planning on asking the beautiful cheerleader to your prom - a pipe dream.