Red-Band POPSTAR Trailer Looks Like SPINAL TAP For Millennials

That's a really good thing.

This Is Spinal Tap is one of the all-time classics for my generation. But more than once I’ve wondered if 23-year-olds would even understand it, let alone think it’s one of the greatest comedies of the 20th century. I crabbily assume they’d hear “20th century” and write it right the fuck off.

But now those people might have a Spinal Tap of their own? Maybe I’m being optimistic, but this NSFW trailer for Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (that does appear to be the actual title) has shifted my awareness of this thing from “Andy Samberg/Lonely Island movie” to “spiritual descendant of Rob Reiner’s 1984 milestone film,” filled with people (listing them here takes away the fun of watching them pop up in the trailer) who no doubt agree that Tap was something amazing.

Taking that film’s "mock-rock-doc" template and mapping it onto the self-aggrandizing model of the Katy Perry and Justin Bieber docs of recent years, PNSNS opens June 3rd, and has just shot to the top of my most-anticipated comedy list.