See You In September, LUKE CAGE

The next Marvel Netflix show gets a date.

Here's a brief news blurb for you: Luke Cage will debut on Netflix on September 30th, all in one big chunk. That's the word from Mike Coulter, who is playing Luke Cage in the show (and who did a very good job in Jessica Jones). 

Earlier there were rumors the show would debut in November, which makes sense as that's when Jessica Jones hit, but maybe Marvel TV opted to stay out of Marvel Studios' way with the release of Doctor Strange; an end of September release gives Luke Cage a whole month to be its own thing before the Master of the Mystic Arts debuts in theaters. 

Luke Cage is an exciting show, as it looks to be tackling a lot of modern political hot button topics - exactly the kind of thing Marvel was doing in the Bronze Age when Luke was introduced. The show also promises to expand the street level side characters of the MCU, bringing in Colleen Wing and Misty Knight, two fan-favorite characters who have never gotten their due.