Meet Your New Favorite Alien From STAR WARS EPISODE VIII

Spy pics show off cool aliens, vehicles.

Star Wars Episode VIII has committed the cardinal sin of filming outside, which means people with cameras have had a chance to snap pictures of the set. Most of the pics that have turned up have been kinda dull, but a whole slew appeared recently that have me beyond excited. 

The pictures reveal a whole bunch of new aliens, all of whom look pretty well dressed. The best dude is even wearing a space tux, and he looks like the alien version of Biff Tannen from the dark timeline in Back to the Future Ii

Look at that cool dude! That's a totally awesome alien, and he's really unique and different looking. One of my problems with The Force Awakens is that so many of the new aliens looked like riffs on the old aliens, but many of these guys are unique. Especially Biff Tannen. I want this guy's toy RIGHT NOW.

And check out that very cool luxury landspeeder. I love that design.

You can see more high class aliens here, as well as what looks like a giant cat that will be largely added in as CGI later in the process: 

That cat is cool because most of Star Wars' giant beasts default to lizards.

And finally another couple of looks at aliens; that first dude looks very Star Wars indeed. I love all the practical creatures, and love that practicality continues with these movies. 

This stuff shows that Episode VIII is going to be taking us to wherever the rich and powerful reside, much as the Prequels did. I'm glad that it's Rian Johnson as our tour guide to this corner of the universe, as I think he'll be able to capture a lot of the coolness of sleek and fun designs while keeping it rooted in the Star Wars aesthetic in a way that the Coruscant stuff in the Prequels couldn't. I look at his Looper as the guide - a movie that shows us a futuristic hi-tech city along with its grimy, lower class underbelly. I know that Attack of the Clones tried this, but it didn't work for me - at all. 

Thanks to Germain Lussier at io9 for finding these tweets.