The Canon Episode 68: ANTICHRIST

Let's get serious with Lars von Trier

This episode of The Canon was a long time coming. My good friend Michael Lerman, a film festival programmer and one of the best dudes I know, has been a fan of the show since it started. Well, a fan is a weird way of putting it - he's known Amy and I for years. But Mike listens every week, and he has lots of thoughts and opinions about the show, and he loves to share them with us. And since he knows me and Amy in real life, he has a very unique perspective on what happens on the show. 

He's wanted to come on for a while, and our schedules finally worked out. What also worked out: his choice of movies. Mike nominated Antichrist, Lars von Trier's divisive and controversial film about gender, the nature of evil and man's place in the world. I love the movie, but it's one that draws very, very strong reactions - including immediate dismissals, which bum me out. I was glad to have Mike on the show so we could get deep into the film, and I think you guys will enjoy just how deep we do go. 

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Now that we've done Antichrist we're ready to tackle the other guy - next week's episode is an Easter special where we will pit The Last Temptation of Christ against The Passion of the Christ. Two Jesi enter, one Jesus leaves.