One Of These Three Guys Could Be Young Han Solo

The list narrows.

The Hollywood Reporter is Hollywood reporting that three young actors were in London doing tests - whether screen tests or chemistry tests we do not know - for the role of Young Han Solo in Chris Miller and Phil Lord's as yet untitled Young Han Solo movie in the A Star Wars Story franchise (Star Wars Anthology was so much better, guys). These three young men are: 

Jack Reynor

Taron Egerton

and Alden Ehrenreich.

All three of these choices are, apparently, great. I say apparently because I only know Reynor from Transformers: Age of Extinction and everyone who has seen the upcoming Sing Street insists he is pure fucking magic in that movie. I will take their words on it for now!

Taron Egerton is a killer choice; he's wonderful in Kingsman, but he's even better in Eddie the Eagle, and he shows a range that means he would be more than a Harrison Ford imitator. He has the spirit of young Ford. 

I love Alden Ehrenreich for the part because he's fairly unknown. He was a huge standout in Hail Caesar!, which is one of his first starring roles. Ehrenreich has been acting in smaller roles for a while, and he has a great origin story - he was discovered by Spielberg at a bat mitzvah! Also, Ehrenreich is the only American in this group, and I hate to get all jingoistic but can we please keep our iconic American characters American whenever possible? A young Han Solo who is slipping out of his accent would stink. 

The Hollywood Reporter cautions that these may not be the only three in consideration, but simply that these three tested for the role last week. I do suspect that one of these guys will make it to the end, though.