CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE Gets Another Trailer Full Of Kevin Hart Yelling

Maybe that’s not such a bad thing this time.

Much as I hate looking at that weird, fat CG version of The Rock, the mini scene opening this new trailer for Central Intelligence sets an undeniable tone of sweetness that I hope defines the movie:

On the other hand, it could just be situation after situation in which The Rock gets Kevin Hart into trouble against his wishes. It’s hard to say.

Nevertheless, this is a ticket sold for The Rock’s chirpy enthusiasm alone, with or without his goofy fanny-pack. And who knows? There could be a nice action scene or two thrown in for good measure. It’s hard to tell from the trailer. You definitely have guns and car crashes though.

In the end, I think this looks bright and endearingly funny, which I bet will be a tone people can’t refuse when it comes out June 17 and we’re all beaten down by big tentpole summer action films.