Mondo’s Got New STAR WARS And INDIANA JONES Prints On The Way

And probably toys, pins, soundtracks, and other cool stuff. Get excited.

Today, our friends at Mondo sent out a press release announcing a new partnership with Acme Archives, the company that holds the license for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The X-Files, and more geek-friendly properties. Here's the official version:

Mondo is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Acme Archives to create and offer licensed prints for Star Wars and Indiana Jones, two of the greatest film series of all time...

Mondo is ecstatic to return to the galaxy far far away and will also be producing its first ever film prints for everyone's favorite archeologist. As part of the Mondo-Acme relationship, fans can also expect limited-edition products from their favorite DreamWorks Animation properties, The X-Files and more.

And here's my unofficial take of that news: holy shit

Let's all take a moment to appreciate the potential here. An Indiana Jones triptych by Tyler Stout. An X-Files showcase at the Mondo Gallery. A new set of Star Wars prints by Olly Moss (he is, after all, finished working on Firewatch). Of course I have no idea if any of that stuff will occur, but with this partnership the Mondo team now has the ability to do those things, and that alone is worth getting excited about. Do you people have any idea how long I've been waiting for a Mondo Indiana Jones set? The mind boggles.

Anyway, getting back to the news: 

The new partnership with Acme kicks off with an amazing print from artist Mike Mitchell, profiling Luke Skywalker in X-Wing flight gear. This is the first in a series of Star Wars profiles from Mitchell. The 12x16 giclee print, titled "Red Five," will be available as a timed sale for 72 hours starting on Thursday, March 17.

See that? They're already putting this license to brilliant use: a Star Wars portrait series from Mike Mitchell. Good lord. Oh, and here's what "Red Five" looks like: 

As it says above, Mike Mitchell's timed-edition "Red Five" print will go on sale this Thursday via Mondo's website. The sale will remain open for 72 hours, and - because it's a timed-edition - everyone who wants one, gets one. Considering that this is the first in a series, my advice is that you definitely want to grab one of these if you ever hope to complete the set. 

The Birth.Movies.Death. team is super excited about this news and can't wait to see where it leads us. And since we've established that no one's more excited about Mondo tackling Indiana Jones than I am: which of the above-mentioned properties are you most excited for? X-Files? Star Wars? Indy? Sound off below.