The LOBO Movie Is Back On, And The WONDER WOMAN Writer Is Writing It

The Main Man may be following Deadpool's path.

There has been a lot of talk about the impact that Deadpool may or may not have had on superhero movies. Until now it's been too early to really tell - the R-rating for Wolverine III was in the cards before Deadpool smashed expectations, for instance - but a revival of the Lobo movie at Warner Bros may very well be in direct response to Fox's success with the Merc With A Mouth. 

Lobo has been in various stages of development for a long time - well over a decade at this point - but Warner Bros has moved the project ahead in a big way by hiring Jason Fuchs to write a brand new script starring The Last Czarnian. Choosing Fuchs is telling - he wrote Wonder Woman for the studio, which just finished shooting. The studio clearly liked his work on that film. 

Lobo is an intergalactic bounty hunter who has been a fan favorite, but he didn't really take off until he was retconned in a 1990 solo mini-series. The character became satirical, poking fun at the grim and gritty, over the top violence of superhero comics at the time... but of course many fans didn't get the joke and just loved seeing Lobo kill a lot of people quite violently. I mean, he killed Santa Claus once, in case you needed to know what level of obvious joking was going on. 

He's really similar to Deadpool in this way - both he and Deadpool began as more standard, serious characters before spiralling off into wackiness and extreme violence. Lobo is different from Deadpool, though - he killed his entire race, for starters. And he did it for fun. I have to imagine this movie will, like Deadpool, be R-rated. The question is what the tone will be like - will it be dark, like the Snyder films in the DC Movieverse, or will it be lighter, like Deadpool. I would assume lighter but... you just never know.

The fact that a Lobo movie is getting underway is the first sign that WB's grand plan is malleable. I still believe some of the announced films may not happen, and that they may get replaced by other, fresher ideas. Could Lobo knock Cyborg out of the rotation? Maybe. 

Of course it's early days. Who knows what Fuchs turns in, what WB thinks of it and who they can nab for the starring role. I'd grab John Cena right this second, if I were them, but who knows which direction they take it. But John Cena's a good choice. Just saying.